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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ultimate Boot CD for WindowsImage via WikipediaQ: Any tips on how to restore a Win XP system that crashed?

A: It'll take DAYS to get things back to working, but your system should run much better... if there are no other problems. No real tips, no shortcuts.

If the hard drive still boots, but files are corrupted, save all the data you can with an external hard drive, then just reformat and reinstall Windows. You may as well upgrade to Windows 7 while you're at it.

To save the data, try this:  There's an app in UBCD4WIN called Fab's Backup, but that app's pretty much un-updated (but still works). You will need a separate PC to create the UBCD4WIN though. You cannot download a pre-made one (unless you find an illegal one).

If the hard drive no longer boots, you will need to fix that first before you can even THINK about reinstalling Windows (any version).

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