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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Here's a summary of my Android App Reviews and Tips for 2010 folks. Enjoy.

Android App Reviews

32 different free Home Launcher Replacement Apps compared

Over a dozen different free browser replacements for Android compared

155 different free live wallpapers reviewed and compared

11 different free camera apps reviewed and compared

5 AVI players for Android compared

Juice Defender and similar battery saver apps compared

Android Wallpaper Utilities Compared

Over 20 Android Soft keyboards compared

Android Ringtone utilities compared

Android Games

Android Air Traffic Control Games Compared

Android Tower Defense Type Games Sampled

Android Tilt Sensor Games Sampled: Abduction, Graviturn, Labyrinth, My Paper Airplane, Raging Thunder/Wave Blazer
Tilt left/right, Tilt full 2D, Tilt 2D for full movement in 3D space

Android 3D Games Sampled: Tank Recon 3D, Asphalt 5, Winds of Steel, Steel Forge
Tanks, hovercrafts, cars, or planes

Game Reviews 1: Space Trader, Chinese Chess, Bubble Defense, Astro Commander (missile defense)

Game Reviews 2: Tank Warrior, Radio Ball 3D, Flick Defense, NetHack (for Android)

Game Reviews 3: Droplets 2, Crossfire, Guns n' Glory, Starfighter

Game Reviews 4: Panzer Panic, Pokanoid (Poke and Arkanoid?!), Fruit Pirate, Pacific Wings (i.e. 1942)

Steambirds Strategy Guide

Android Tips and Knowledge

Eight Things to Try on an Android Phone

Cupcake, Donut... What are all those codenames any way?

7 Weirdest Android Phones of 2010

Myth of Exploding Droid 2 has been busted

Android App Starter Kit

How to Make Your Slow Android Phone Fast Again

More interesting apps for Android

Other Cell Phone Info

When 4G is not really 4G: LTE and 4G explained

Samsung Focus Windows Phone 7 microSD card issues FAQ

Why You Can't Use iPhone on Verizon's network

Older reviews (needs update)

Android Task Switchers / Alternative Launchers compared

GPS Speedometers and loggers compared for android

Android OS Task Killers: only useful on older phones

Any way, Happy New Year!