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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Image of a Maxell DVD-R made by RiTEK CorporationImage via Wikipedia

Q: What is the difference between CD+R and CD-R?
There is no such thing as CD+R. CD-R is CD-Recordable, which means you can write ONCE to it.

DVD recordable have two standards: DVD-R and DVD+R, but there are really no practical difference between them to the consumer, and most if not all drives will read/write both with no practical difference.

So again, there is no such thing as CD+R. Someone was very confused and assumed that since DVD recordable have two versions: +R and -R, CD recordable must have two versions as well. That is simply not true.

There is something called CD+G, but that's basically some graphics recorded on audio CDs (G = Graphics), and playable on some special screen-equipped audio-CD players.

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