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Thursday, April 28, 2011

xvid logoImage via WikipediaQ: What are BRRIP and BDRIP files
A: BRRIP and BDRIP are basically Blu-Ray derived 720p XVID files that came from 1080p source.

Technically speaking, BRRIP came from 1080p MKV or H264 files, which came from BluRay, while BDRIP came straight from BluRay. However, they are still 720p XVID files.

If you want 1080p, get the source MKV or H264 files. BRRIP and BDRIP are better than regular encoded stuff from regular DVD, but not that much better.

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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Old Game Review (posted in 2009)

San Francisco ChronicleImage via Wikipedia
(Editor's Note: Every once in a while I play a PC game, which I want to review, but could not put in my mobile game review site as it's not a mobile game, so I'll put it over here. )

Review of "Women's Murder Club: Death in Scarlet" (PC Game)

Women's Murder Club is a mystery series by bestselling author James Patterson about a group of women, some in law enforcement, some not, but all in San Francisco, solving a series of crimes, mostly murder, with a lot of twists and turns. Oberon Media and I-Play now let you assuming the role of Lindsay, the detective, Claire, the Medical Examiner, and Cindy, the reporter, by playing a series of minigames, mostly "find the objects", though there are also word games, puzzles, and more. It is a casual game, as the difficulty is not too high. I finished the game in a couple hours. Other than some questionable Chinese, and some oops in graphics, the game is pretty well done, but somewhat contrived and occasionally frustrating, as are all "hidden object" games.

The game starts using comic-style panels to kick things off, and to present information at the beginning of each "investigation". A person is jogging near the Marin Vista point, stopped to stretch, looked down, and saw a woman's body down below. Detective Lindsay Boxer was summoned to the scene, and the game starts.