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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Latest PDF File IconImage via WikipediaQ: My Adobe Reader seems to be getting slower and slower. Can I make it run faster somehow?
As Adobe Acrobat Reader gotten older, it lost the word "Acrobat", and it's gotten much bigger and slower as Adobe kept adding stuff into it. If you want a snappy program, you have two choices: slim down the Adobe Reader, or adopt the alternative Foxit Reader.

You can download and run PDF Speedup (scroll down to it), which removes a lot of the plugins in Adobe Reader 9 that nobody uses and slows things down. However, it will also remove the auto-update, among other features.

Or you can download the alternative Foxit reader which is lighter and doesn't have that much "bloat". However, it's not the official reader. It's up to you.

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