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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Quick Review of Machinarium, an indie adventure / puzzle game. 

Machinarium is a quirky little click-adventure puzzle where you are this little robot trying to make its way across this weird landscape. Each screen features a puzzle where you need to perform multiple steps in a row to progress. The fun is figuring out what parts are available.

One example: you're trying to go through this door which opens too fast for you to go through. You search around, and found this "handle" which allow you to trigger the "release lever" by remote. You also found a control panel which lets you lower the arm which lets you jump to grab a "derailer". You used the derailer to derail the next cart, and take its wheels, and set it on the track, and you hit the remote, and voila, you got pushed by the next cart through the door.

There are 30 puzzles (30 locations) each with its own objective / puzzle. (The demo has 3 levels)

The look is VERY unique and zany / cute.

Play the online demo at

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