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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Q: How about iPad 2 rumors, now that there's supposedly an Apple press event on iPad 2 on March 2, 2011 in San Francisco?

A: Mashable have a comprehensive list of iPad 2 rumors. I would assign different odds to them though.

3 models of iPad 2: I would give this only 50%. That should be only 2 models: 3G (dual CDMA/UMTS) and WiFi or WiFi only. I think next iPhone will be a "world phone", only one model to go around, and thus one iPad as well.

Why iPhone 4 CDMA and not iPad 2 CDMA? Because one less SKU you have to stock means easier to manage the supply and manufacturing. iPhone 4 CDMA is a rush job that both address the antenna-gate problem AND get Verizon on the map. They can't wait for iPhone "5". It's a temporary product.

Any other iPad 2 rumors? Hmmm...

HOME BUTTON ON THE SIDE: Possible, yes, and perhaps even NO home button altogether. That would certainly make the look ever CLEANER, almost edge to edge display. 50% possibility.

BETTER SPEAKERS: Very possible. There's supposedly an Apple patent that puts small speakers in each corner of the device, thus giving you a proper stereo based on device orientation. 75% possibility.

What other interesting iPad 2 rumors have you heard?

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