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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Q: Do you know of any iPhone 5 rumors?

A: There are a ton of iPhone 5 rumors. Here are a few interesting ones.

Bigger screen: virtually certain

iPhone 4 has a relatively small screen, at 3.5 inch diagonal. Many Android phones have larger screens, up to 4.3 inch diagonal. The Dell Streak 5, in fact, has a 5 inch screen, though that is technically a small tablet. It is believed that Apple will go up to 4 inch screen, but keep the pixel density of the "Retina Display".

Better camera: virtually certain

iPhone 4's camera is only 5 MP, and 720p video. Android phones already have 8MP cameras. It will not surprise me if the next iPhone go up to 1080p video and at least match 8MP camera, if not leapfrog that to 10 or 12MP camera. They may even upgrade the front-camera to SVGA.

Dual Core CPU: virtually certain

Everybody in Android world is already going dual core. Will Apple leapfrog them and go quad core? Unlikely as battery life is still a concern. Dual core is still quite good.

Physical Keyboard: you must be kidding

There's a rumor out of Taiwan that iPhone may get a physical keyboard. It must be a joke, as it's completely against Apple's UI design. Not that long ago, there's a report that Apple is trying to remove ALL the buttons from iPad and iPhone, and use multi-finger (more than two) gestures. Why would they then give you a physical keyboard on an iPhone? If they do, it'd be an optional accessory, not a part of the phone.

Remember, Apple's trend is smaller, slimmer, lighter. Adding a physical keyboard is completely against that ethos.

Smaller version of iPhone: unlikely

There are a lot of rumors about an "iPhone Nano", a smaller and more affordable iPhone. Different news have different ideas. However, it makes no sense.

Apple products are for the elite and trickle down as a status symbol. It was always held as a PREMIUM product. It's like the Mercedes or BMW of the mobile phone world. Why would they go DOWN in status and start making low-end phones?  That would be like BMW starting making subcompacts (that's why BMW's subcompact, the Mini, is a separate brand altogether).

What other interesting "next iPhone" rumors have you heard?

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