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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Q: Now that Microsoft has opened up POP3 access to Hotmail, how can I integrate that with POPfile? Without Popfile the mail gets through, but I can't make Popfile work with the mail client at all.
What you need to realize here is POPfile itself is a POP3 proxy. What you want is

(Your Mail Client) --regular POP3--> (PopFile) --SSL POP3--> (HotMail POP3)

However, POPfile itself must be configured to be able to do SSL. So go to add/remove programs, pick POPfile, "change" the install, then pick the SSL option. It'll go download the SSL component. You'll need to restart Popfile.

Say if your mail client is Outlook Express, then under the Properties of that connection, in the servers tab, incoming is "localhost" (or, same thing), outgoing is "" as they specified. The trick is in the account name. Now that you need to use SSL, the stuff here would be "" (without quotes, of course). Note the ":ssl" at the end. The program knows to use port 995 for SSL automatically.

With these settings, your POPfile should now work with the new Hotmail POP3 access.

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